Cognac Barrel Aged Double Mash Imperial Stout

This most massive of imperial stouts is both beastly and beautiful, pouring a seductive onyx, swirling with notes of fresh espresso, toasted caramel, chocolate and cherries. Savor the warm barrel finish with every delectable sip. Pair it with zealous charcuterie boards and mellow companions.

ABV 14%

IBU 45


Chocolate Ganache, Brandied Cherries, Malted Milk, Burnt Caramel





Maris Otter Pale Malt, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, Crystal Dark, Roast Barley, Black Malt




American Ale


Cognac Barrels


This absolute beast of a beer loosely traces its roots to the Russian Imperial Stouts of old. Originally brewed back in the 1800’s to win over the Russian Czar, these were the kings of stouts, boasting high alcohol by volume and plenty of malt character with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavors. 

This hefty interpretation of an Imperial Stout uses so much malt, we had to fill our mash tun twice (Double Mash). No sparge water, this beer is 100% high-test first runnings and clocks in at a deceptively smooth 14% ABV. We aged this beer for 10 months in French Cognac casks, adding notes of dark fruit, spice, and vanilla.

Tasting Notes

Cognac Barrel Aged Double Mash Imperial Stout pours deep, dark, and obscure. A formidable black void that no light can escape, nestled beneath a swirling milky way of foam. Gently adrift in aromas of chocolate ganache, fresh-brewed espresso, and warming brandy. A nebulous veil of malted milk, and unfathomably dark cacao coalescing in a deep gravity well of vanilla liqueur and wood spice.

Food Pairings

Well-aged cheeses; both hard/sharp as well as soft and funky. Charcuterie boards leaning towards fatty, salt-cured meats such as Prosciutto di Parma, pork rillette, and spicy salumi. Sauteed wild mushrooms are a classic pairing for the nutty and tannic quality of the cognac barrel. Wood-fired root vegetables and char roasted ribeye for the main course. Chocolate ganache, raspberry mousse, and salted caramels for the sweeter pairings.