Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

The first Imperial Stouts were high-alcohol concoctions brewed for Czar Peter the Great of Russia. Our own Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout absorbs the tannins of Bourbon Barrels for almost a full year, resulting in huge roasted malt, chocolate mousse, coconut and ripe cherry flavors that may leave you feeling like a bit of a monarch yourself!

ABV 11.0%

IBU 70


Chocolate Mousse, Ripe Cherries, Coconut, Bourbon





Rahr Pale Malt, Simpsons Crystal Dark, Simpsons Crystal Extra Dark, Thomas Fawcett Chocolate, Thomas Fawcett Pale Chocolate, Simpsons Caramalt




American Ale


Bourbon Barrels

Special Ingredients



Inspired by brewers back in the 1800’s to win over the Russian Czar, this is the king of stouts, boasting high alcohol by volume and plenty of malt character. Low to moderate levels of carbonation with huge roasted, chocolate and burnt malt flavors. Suggestions of dark fruit and flavors of higher alcohols are quite evident. Hop character can vary from none, to balanced, to aggressive. 

We take our Imperial Stout and put it into Bourbon Barrels and age the beer for one year. Over the course of the year the beautiful tannins of the oak and bourbon seep into the beer. The result in a round, bold, strong, and magnificent beer.

Tasting Notes

Midnight black topped with a dense, creamy, and chocolate mousse foam. Powerful aromas of cocoa, caramel, coconut, toasted oak, and chocolate covered berries. Big flavors of ripe cherries, red velvet cake with a hint of char and a touch of Bourbon. Finishes with a kiss of oak tannins and a mouth coating richness.

Food Pairings

Oysters, mussels, lobster, crab, cams, scallops, and calamari. Ham, prosciutto, pancetta, and bacon. Hearty beef stews, short ribs, root vegetables, potatoes, stuffing. Chocolate based desserts such as: truffles, crème brûlée, raspberry or strawberry tart.