Pfriem Classic

Toast any day with one of pFriem’s Classic Beers.

Approachable and flavorful, these beers are the perfect reward for a long work day or a strenuous float down the river. Building on centuries of brewing, the style of beers might be familiar but the complexity will surprise you.Toast any day with one of pFriem’s Classic Beers. 

Please note that not all beers shown are available for purchase year round. Check our our beer finder to locate beer available near you.

Autumn Pale
ABV:5.5% IBU: 40
ABV:8.2% IBU: 77
Blonde IPA
ABV:6.2% IBU: 50
Bright Pale
ABV:5.0% IBU: 33
Brut IPA
ABV:5.9% IBU: 25
ABV:7.5% IBU: 70
Citrus Zest IPA
ABV:6.3% IBU: 45
Cold IPA
ABV:8.2% IBU: 77
Cryo Pale
ABV:6.3% IBU: 45
Czech Dark Lager
ABV:5.3% IBU: 25
Czech Lager
ABV:5.1% IBU: 38
Dank IPA
ABV:7.8% IBU: 65
Down Under IPA
ABV:7.2% IBU: 65
Dry Stout
ABV:4.8% IBU: 27
ABV:7.9% IBU: 35
ABV:7.6% IBU: 25
Export Lager
ABV:5.7% IBU: 20
Extra Pale
ABV:6.5% IBU: 45
ABV:5.5% IBU: 25
Golden Coffee Pale
ABV:6.0% IBU: 30
Golden IPA
ABV:6.8% IBU: 50
Hazy Guava IPA
ABV:6.9% IBU: 30
Hazy IPA
ABV:6.8% IBU: 35
Hazy Sabro IPA
ABV:6.6% IBU: 25
ABV:5.5% IBU: 12
Helles Lager
ABV:4.8% IBU: 25
Hoppy Lager
ABV:5.2% IBU: 38
ABV:6.8% IBU: 65
Jammy Pale Ale
ABV:5.4% IBU: 32
Japanese Lager
ABV:5.0% IBU: 15
Juicy IPA
ABV:7.2 IBU: 35
Juicy Winter Ale
ABV:7.5% IBU: 45
Kettle Soured Mango Berliner Weisse
ABV:3.5% IBU: 6
Kettle Soured Passionfruit Pale
ABV:5.5% IBU: 15
Kölsch-Style Ale
ABV:4.7% IBU: 17
Mango Pale Ale
ABV:5.5% IBU: 15
Mexican Lager
ABV:4.4% IBU: 17
Mosaic Single Hop Pale
ABV:5.9% IBU: 45
Oatmeal Stout
ABV:5.5% IBU: 27
ABV:6.1% IBU: 22
Oregon Lager
ABV:4.8% IBU: 35
Oyster Stout
ABV:6.6 IBU: 35
Pale Ale
ABV:5.4% IBU: 25
Pastry Stout
ABV:9.5 IBU: 45
pFriem +  Beachwood IPL
ABV:6.1 IBU: 40
ABV:4.9% IBU: 35
Rauch Helles
ABV:4.8% IBU: 23
ABV:5.3% IBU: 30
Rye Lager
ABV:4.8% IBU: 27
ABV:6.4% IBU: 47
ABV:4.8% IBU: 28
Sour IPA
ABV:5.0% IBU: 15
Sparkling IPA
ABV:6.6% IBU: 33
Summer Pale
ABV:5.0% IBU: 40
Triple IPA
ABV:10.5% IBU: 105
Tropical IPA
ABV:6.7 IBU: 30
Vienna Lager
ABV:5.3% IBU: 20
Winter Ale
ABV:7.5% IBU: 65
ABV:5.1% IBU: 18

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