Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine

Apple Brandy Barleywine is highly spirited, yet nuanced, with notes of bourbon, toffee and creme brulee. It’s aged in American Oak with sturdy tannins and a robust ABV for the most analog of pleasures—like chit-chatting with friends or sauntering old cobblestone streets aglow in romance. Pairs with flank steak, roasted tomatoes, spicy chorizo and saucy tableside musings.

ABV 11.8%

IBU 45


Apple Strudel, Candied Quince, Dulce de Leche, Sweet but Serious





Simpson's Golden Promise


Chinook, Cascade


London III


Apple Brandy Barrels

Special Ingredients

Demerara Sugar


The term Barleywine was noted in historical documents during the 18th century, when brewers tried to curry favor with wine drinkers by hinting at the strength, nutrition and quality of their beer. Whether that strategy worked or not is debatable, as most regions of Europe that are known predominantly for either wine or beer have long been that way, with some crossover of course. This has more to do with climate and agriculture than any sort of class distinction, perceived or otherwise.

Barleywine is often appropriately brewed as a commemorative or annual offering to demonstrate the skill of the artful Brewmaster. Classic English and American versions differ, the former showing some refined restraint, the latter rowdier and more impetuous—a neat metaphorical difference. Formidable in both spirit and makeup, Barleywine is a perfect nightcap, but also lends itself well to comparative tastings, given its lability over time and the many interpretations.  Due to the high alcohol content Barleywines were traditionally aged in wooden casks to mature.

Tasting Notes

A classy sipper from start to finish, Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Barleywine evokes aromas of freshly baked apple strudel, candied quince, and orange blossom honey. Dulce de leche and toffee candy coats the palate, balanced by sturdy tannins from its time in American oak. This elaborate libation finishes with notes of bourbon and crème brulée - sweet, but serious.

Food Pairings

This sweet but serious brew begs for saffon-heavy paella topped with spicy chorizo and mussels and roasted tomatoes or flank steak with herbal chimichurri. Open this meal with patatas bravas and Marcona almonds for a wholly satisfying experience.


2021 - 92 Points - The Beer Connoisseur