pFriem + Wayfinder Landbier Hell

Ever wonder what a pFriem & Wayfinder collab would be like? We were curious too - which is why we had our Wayfinder friends come out and brew a Landbier Hell with us! This rustic, unfiltered, country-style lager will be releasing at Wayfinder's Portland Tasting Room on January 31st and in Hood River at pFriem on February 1st during our monthly Meet the Brewer. This limited beer is only available at pFriem & Wayfinder!


In German landbier simply means “beer of the area”. Similar to kellerbier and zwickelbier, Franconian landbier is generally a young, unfiltered and unpasteurized lager that is medium gold to pale amber in color. The malt bill falls somewhere between a helles and a märzen: alcohol is usually 4.8-5.5%, and there is a rich malt character, bready and toasty, but not overly sweet. There is also a significant hop presence, with spicy, herbal aromas and a pronounced bitter and spicy finish. As the beer is aged with yeast in it, it should be well attenuated and finish dry, yet can also have yeasty notes in the flavor, and a medium to fuller body. This is a rich, balanced, and satisfying beer, maltier and fuller than a pils, hoppier than a helles: the best of both worlds, one might say. These beers are cloudy and were traditionally served in ceramic mugs, as they were not thought to be pretty.

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