Cherry Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Dark

Belgian tradition and Oregon brewing ingenuity do a little jig in cherry brandy barrels to deliver an alluringly complex beer, alive with layers of dark fruit, chocolate, caramel and fig, a best-of-both-worlds brew that’s robust and oh-so-smooth. Pairs with rich meats and cheeses, bold chocolates and mellow evenings.

ABV 10%

IBU 38


Brandied Cherries, Dried Dates, Toffee





Pilsner, Pale Chocolate, Black Malt, Double Roasted Crystal


Tettnang, Perle


Belgian Ale


Cherry Brandy Barrels


Belgian Dark Candi Sugar


The Trappist brewing tradition dates back to the mid 6th century where monks would brew and sell beer to support their Monastic way of life and give to their community. This tradition has carried on for centuries and still lives in Belgium. The Belgian Trappist brewers are known for brewing a light beer, a medium-strength darker beer, a light-colored strong beer, and a strong dark beer. The Belgian Strong Dark is a rich, complex, slightly sweet, and a fruit forward beer. This beer is brewed with a pilsner malt base, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, and highly aromatic yeast. The Dark Candi Sugar is made from caramelized beet juice; the flavors from the sugar and the fermentation give these beers their unique and wonderful flavors. These beers are normally bottled and go through a secondary fermentation; this gives it a high level of carbonation and complexity. Other breweries in Belgium brew this style of beer under “Abbey style”, but only true Trappist breweries are allowed to put the official “Authentic Trappist Product” brand on their beer. Both Abbey and Trappist Belgian Strong Darks are powerful and complex beers that highlight flavors of ripe fruit, chocolate, and figs.

pFriem’s Cherry Brandy Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Strong is a modern interpretation of this timeless style. We took our classic Belgian Strong Dark and aged it for 10 months in cherry brandy barrels. These casks are made of American oak that was previously used to age bourbon. This adds an additional layer of dark ripe fruit and further depth to the caramel and warm spice character. We then bottle-conditioned the beer with champagne yeast for a lively effervescence.

Tasting Notes

Pours a deep mahogany tinged with crimson edges when held to light. A large white head of ultrafine bubbles endlessly replenished by the effervescent carbonation. Aromas of fig, caramelized raisins, brandied cherries, and demerara sugar give way to sophisticated flavors of dried dates, toffee, cherry cordial, and baking spice.

Food Pairings

Rich meats such as duck, oxtail, or beef short ribs. Hearty stews and rich sauces with fresh-baked artisan bread. Blue cheeses, and pickled vegetables. Candied fruit and the darkest chocolate you can find.