Local Oregon Fruit Meets Belgian Lambic-Inspired Ales

With pFriem Family Brewers residing in the Columbia River Gorge, we are fortunate to have a vast array of fresh local fruit at our fingertips. Our fruited barrel aged beers highlight the bounty of this beautiful region we call home.

We utilize Oregon's produce to create flavorful, dynamic Lambic-inspired ales. Aged from one to three years alongside juicy and fresh fruit, these beers offer a wide complexity of flavors to add an extra something special to any momentous occasion. 

Lambic History

In order to understand the history of fruited Lambics, one must first understand the long, rich history of Lambic itself. A beer that we would likely recognize as Lambic was being lovingly produced in Belgium as early as the 12th century. In order to do so, the brewer, who was often also a farmer, built a mash consisting of 60% malted barley and 40% wheat. A minimum volume of aged hops was added to the boil solely for their preservative properties. Next, the wort was transferred to a coolship, a long, wide and shallow vessel, designed, as the name implies, to cool the wort. In through the open windows, along with the chilly Belgian breeze, came magic. Soon, the wort began to bubble and foam, the result (we now know) of a mixed culture fermentation beginning. Finally, the slowly fermenting elixir was moved to oak barrels for maturation.

Adding fruit to traditionally produced Lambic is a significantly more recent development in brewing history, and likely began as a cottage industry. In fact, the first explicit mention we find of a cherry addition lies in the 1878 manuscript of a tenant farmer named Josse De Pauw from Schepdaal, Belgium. The fact that this tradition blossomed around the village of Schaarbeek outside Brussels is no accident as the cherries of the same name were once abundant in the area. And while cherries were likely the first fruit to be combined with Lambic, they were certainly not the last. The resultant beers have traditionally been named simply for the fruit included.

pFriem Barrel Aged Lambic-Inspired Ales
Oude Kriek 

Cherry Pie, Juicy, Nutty, Tangy | 5.6%, 6 IBU

3.5lbs/gallon of Van, Bing and Royal Anne Cherries from Idiot's Grace in Mosier. 


Blueberry Pie, Jammy, Ripe Berry | 6.0%, 6 IBU

3lbs/gallon of Draper Girls Country Farm Blueberries out in Odell.


Juicy, Bright, Nutty, Peach Fuzz | 5.8%, 6 IBU

5.4lbs/gallon of Suncrest and Arctic Gem Peaches from Rack & Cloth in Mosier.


Fresh Raspberries, Jammy, Floral, Tantalizing | 5.7%, 6 IBU

3.2lbs/gallon of Willamette Valley Raspberries.

La Mûre

Blackberry Pie, Rose, Limoncello | 6.5%, 7 IBU

Blended 1,500 lbs of fresh Oregon Black Cap Raspberries with 500 lbs. of fresh Oregon Marionberries,


Candied Plums, Lemonade, Berries, Fresh Flowers | 6.3%, 6 IBU

3.2lbs/gallon of Brooks and Italian Plums from Sherwood Orchard.

Druif Blanc

Light berry, White Flowers, Green Apple, Champagne | 7.3%, 6 IBU

3.5lbs/gallon of Riesling grapes from Brooks Winery Estate, grower Liaison Claire Jarreau.

Druif Rouge

Dark Berries, Plum, Vinous | 7.3%, 6 IBU

3.5lbs/gallon of Domaine 777 Pinot Noir Grapes from Trisaetum Winery.



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