Sherry Barrel Aged Tripel

pFriem’s Sherry Barrel Aged Tripel blends fruity flavors of peach tea, strawberries and honey with a smooth crème brûlée finish and a kiss of tannin. Elegant and strong, yet round and smooth – it’s a real treat. 

ABV 9.5%

IBU 38


Toasted Honey, Red Apple, Crème Brûlée, Spice





Gambrinus Candian Pilsner, Carafoam


Tettnang, Perle, Styrian Golding Celeia


Belgian Ale


Candi Sugar


Sherry Barrels


A Belgian Tripel traditionally falls in line with the classic Abbey/Monastery beers of Belgium. They are made alongside the other classic Abbey beers - Single and Dubbel. The names refer to the strength, rather than the style. There is a wide range for Singles (normally around 5.0% ABV), Dubbel is around 8% and is dark and chocolaty. 

The Tripel is light in color, but the strongest at 9.5%; it is known for having a strong hop flavor when it is young and fresh. The Tripel was particularly designed to 'give bread' during the monks 40 day fast. The monks were allowed to have one a day to give them sustenance to survive their fast. 

We then take this fruity and strong beer and age it for one year in barrels that previously housed Sherry. These Sherry barrels were home to wonderful fortified wine made from Palomino Spanish grapes. The result is a fascinating beer that is elegant, desserty, and showcases warm fruit and spice characters.

Tasting Notes

Fluffy white foam on top of a toasted honey body. Fragrant aromas of mango, Sherry, peach, tangerine, red apple, vanilla, and spice. Fruity flavors of peach tea, strawberries, honey, with notes of Tabaco and spice. Finishes with a touch of Crème Brûlée, smooth, round, and a kiss of tannin.

Food Pairings

Nutty cheeses such as Pierre robert, camembert and cremaux de Delice. Apricot and quince mostarda. Candied almonds and walnuts. Margherita pizza, and Genovese pesto. Grilled Chinook and other rich fish. Summer vegetable ratatouille or succotash.