With aromas of fresh sourdough, candied lemon, and white pepper, and notes of bright pear and white grape. Take this spun gold lager on a picnic in the Gorge or anywhere the summer sun may take you.

ABV 5.0%

IBU 25


Honeysuckle, Candied Meyer Lemon, Rustic





Weyermann Bohemian Pilsner, Gambrinus Pilsner, Carabohemian


Perle, Tettnang, Spalt




In German kellerbier simply means “beer of the cellar”.  Kellerbier is generally a young, unfiltered and unpasteurized lager that is medium gold to pale amber in color. The malt bill falls somewhere between a helles and a märzen: alcohol is usually 4.8-5.5%, and there is a rich malt character, bready and toasty, but not overly sweet. There is also a significant hop presence, with spicy, herbal aromas and a pronounced bitter and spicy finish. As the beer is aged with yeast in it, it should be well attenuated and finish dry, yet can also have yeasty notes in the flavor, and a medium to fuller body. This is a rich, balanced, and satisfying beer, maltier and fuller than a pils, hoppier than a helles: the best of both worlds, one might say. These beers are cloudy, and were traditionally served in ceramic mugs, as they were not thought to be pretty.

Tasting Notes

Spun gold with a white billowing head satisfies the eyes. Aromas of fresh sourdough, candied lemon, and a hint of white pepper tingle the nose.  Bright pear and white grape delight the taste buds while rustic grains hold the beer to its rustic roots.

Food Pairings

Kellerbier is a great chicken sandwich beer. It can also work nicely with mildly spicy Mexican or Indian dishes. It will also work quite nicely with light seafoods such as oysters and scallops. A roast chicken salad is another great pairing.


2022 - Bronze - Oregon Beer Awards