Helles Lager

In 19th century Germany, pilsners were all the rage so München brewers created a malty hoppy beer of their own called Helles. pFriem Helles Lager builds on that history with a toasty lager that’s savory and smooth with aromas of fresh bread and a hint of honey. So let’s toast this beer’s storied and delicious history with a hearty, “Helles Yeah!”.

ABV 5.0%

IBU 25


Golden, Toasty, Sessionable


Spring Seasonal



Weyermann Pilsner, Gambrinus Pilsner, Canadian Pilsner, Acidulated


Perle, Tettnang




When the golden and clean lagers of Plzen (Bohemia) became all the rage in the mid-1800's, München brewers feared that Germans would start drinking the Czech beer vs. their own. Munich Helles Lager was their answer to meet the demand. A bit maltier, they often share the same spicy hop characters of Czech Pils, but are a bit more subdued and in balance with the malts. 'Helles' is German for 'bright'. 

Tasting Notes

Extra golden with a bright white pillowy head. Aromas of fresh bread, a touch of herb, with a hint of honey. Goes down with a full mouthfeel that is rich, savory and smooth. A toasty finish balanced with a touch of sweetness.

Food Pairings

Helles is a great sandwich or pressed Panini beer. Great with delicate fish- sole, plaice, flounder, and turbot. Also works well with shellfish- clams, crab, and scallops. Excellent with Sushi. light pasta dishes work well with oil-based or creamed sauces.  


2019 - Bronze - Australian International Beer Awards

2019 - #2 - 102 of the Best Craft Lagers - PASTE Magazine

2018 - Silver - North American Beer Awards

2018 - Gold  - Australian International Beer Awards

2018 - #84 - Top 100 Beers of 2018 - The Beer Connoisseur

2018 - 93 Points - The Beer Connoisseur

2017 - Bronze - Australian International Beer Awards

2017 - Gold  - North American Beer Awards

2017 - Best in Show - April Brews Day 2017