Fresh Hop Strata IPA

In celebration of this year’s hop harvest, we highlight Oregon’s Strata variety, which brings nuances of tropical fruit, mandarin, and a dankness bubbling beneath a white cloud of foam. Enjoy a pot of golden hops at the end of the IPA rainbow. Pairs with rich burgers, pickled veggies and tent camping.

ABV 6.9%

IBU 55


Tropical, Sweet Cannabis, Dried Chili





Rahr Pale Malt, Simpson’s Cara Malt, Simpsons Crystal Dark




American Ale


By the 1790’s the British were established in India and needed beer, which was considered a staple in every household. India, however, presented serious problems for brewers. Hot temperatures, poor water and short supplies of basic ingredients made it impossible to brew beer. Attempts to ship beer out of Britain to Calcutta failed. 

George Hodgson of London produced a pale ale of greater strength and bitterness than those he sold in London. The hops helped protect the beer from spoilage, as did the increased alcohol content. Hodgson’s India Ale arrived in Calcutta in fine shape-clear, strong, and bitter, with a big, resinous hop aroma.  The word spread of India Pale Ale and people throughout England and the United States were clamoring for this wonderful new beer. The rage lasted through 1970’s, but lost steam in the 1980’s and became just another name for low alcohol bitters. 

As craft beer has emerged and grown, so has IPA! IPA has helped grow Craft Beer to what it is currently today. There are now many shapes and forms of IPA, but they all share bright aromatic hop aroma of citrus, tropical fruit, and pine.

Our Fresh Hop Strata IPA showcases a new Pacific Northwest favored hop - Strata. Strata, formally known as X-331, is the first hop variety to be released out of Indie Hops hop development program. Born in 2009, Strata is the progeny of an open pollinated Perle located at an Oregon State University experimental field in Corvallis, Oregon. From the get-go, this hop was out to impress. Between its strong disease resistance, vigorous growing habit, and complex layers of aroma, X-331 rose to the top of an impressive group of competitors. Strata boasts flavors of tropical fruit, fresh fruit, grapefruit, and cannabis.


What Are Fresh-Hop Beers? Words from Jeff Alworth

Nearly every beer made in the world uses dried hops. The strobile (cone) of the climbing bine Humulus lupulus (less scientifically known as common hops) gives beer bitterness along with the flavors and aromas of fruit, flowers or forests. Typically, they are taken to a drying kiln, baled and sent to chilled warehouses.

Fresh hops, by contrast, are never dried. Family hop growers have developed close relationships with Oregon-based breweries over the past decade or so, and during fresh-hop season, they stay in close communication. When the moment of perfect ripeness arrives, farmers call the brewery and tell them when their hops will be picked. Brewers fire up their mash tuns and dispatch a truck to race back to the brewery with these little green jewels within an hour or two of harvest. Each minute the hop is separated from the bine is precious, so the beers can’t be made very far from the fields in which they grew.

Similar to how the flavor of dried and fresh basil differs, the delicate nature of fresh hops means they simply taste different when compared to conventional hops. As in basil, the chemical constituents of hops — the essential oils and acids — are most vivid when fresh. A floral, lightly grapefruity dried Cascade hop, for example, smells more like a blossoming orange orchard, with jammy, mandarin flavors when fresh. The beers that result from these hops are unlike any made with conventional hops. They have the qualities only those undried hops possess.

Tasting Notes

Deep golden in appearance topped with cloud white foam. Big tropical aromas balanced with resiny fresh hop flavors of citrus, sweet cannabis, and with a kiss of dried chili powder. This beer finishes super floral, green, bright and dank.

Food Pairings

Rich and hearty burgers, French fries and complex pizzas. Aged cheddar cheese, aged meats, and pickled vegetables. Indian cuisine that is spice forward and balanced by yogurt and cream-based sauces.