Cashmere Single Hop Pale

ABV 5.9%

IBU 45


Apricot, Peach, Berry





Rahr Pale, Simpsons Cara Malt, Simpsons Crystal Light




American Ale


This is the latest beer in our single hop pale series. Our single hop pale series focuses on new hop varieties and showcasing them in an American strong pale ale. The result of our experimental series accentuates and showcases the individual character of each hop. Cashmere is the daughter of Cascade and Northern Brewer. Released in 2013 by Washington State University, its flavors and aromas of peach, melon, lemongrass and apricot are on full display in this Single Hop Pale.

Tasting Notes

This strong pale ale pours a brilliant straw gold with a dense white foam. Juicy aromas of peach, honeydew, apricot and gooseberries precede luxurious flavors of clementine, starfruit and pineapple. The finish is of a balanced bitterness with a zippy resinous zing.

Food Pairings

Mexican Food: Chile Verde, Mole Oaxaqueno, and Al pastor tacos. Sweet and Sour flavors found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Firm, buttery white fish such as Halibut and black cod, as well as shellfish like Dungeness Crab and Lobster. Fruity flavors play off of the hop characteristics very well: spiced pear chutney, blueberry cobbler, and mild mango salsas.