Canadian Lager

Inspired by our friends to the North, this Canadian Lager sparkles like glacial snow melt, pouring almost translucent, snappy with light aromas of ripening grain fields, orange flower blossom and fresh pastry. It’s off the crushability charts! Pairs with heaping bowls of poutine and oodles of sunshine.

ABV 5.0%

IBU 10


Clean, Soft Glacier Water, Quaffable


Fall Seasonal



CMC Superior Pilsen, Gambrinus Pilsner, Rice Syrup


Perle, Tettnang




The history of Canadian Lagers is similar to that of American Lagers. Immigrant entrepreneurs made their way to Canada from Europe. Similar to how Anheuser-Busch and Miller were started by German immigrants, John Molson was from England. In their early brewing days the beers of Canada had a heavy English influence, but as more Germans and Belgians moved to the Great North, the more popular Lagers and lighter beers became. Canada’s brewing culture was also impacted by prohibition and lead to great consolidation of breweries. The beer of choice that survived this area was made with glacier water and the highest quality grains grown in Canada, which is home to some of the most superior barley in the world. These Canadian Lagers are light, crisp, and super clean. These bright and easy beers pair well with Hockey and Après’ skiing.

pFriem’s version of this domestic style of beer uses the highest quality Canadian Malt, a kiss of choice noble hops, and our own Mt. Hood glacial water. This beer is light, crisp, but intriguing on the palate. This beer begs to crushed and will make your palate ready for more!

Tasting Notes

Sparkling in appearance, very light, almost translucent in color, topped with a firm white foam hat. Light aromas of soft glacial water, ripening grain fields, orange flower blossom, and a kiss of pastry crust. Easy drinking, super crisp, very clean, and just enough malt body to handle the bright carbonation. Finishes fresh, quaffable, and crushable…more please.

Food Pairings

pFriem’s Canadian Lager needs no compliment as it is good on its own but it can hold up to some Canadian’s favorite dishes. Poutine is the choice dish, along smoked meats and smoked salmon. Canadian bacon at dinner or breakfast, along with split pea soup, Tourtiere, and Steamies.