Bretta III

Bretta III is a true boundary buster, with the kind of funky complexity that’s simple to savor. Notes of pineapple and kiwi conspire with an earthy effervescence that makes this dry-hopped beauty big and brightly delicious. Goes great with your favorite cheeses, spicy, Asian-inspired cuisine and everyday moments of joy.

ABV 6.6%



Starfruit, Kiwi, Earth, Playful





Gambrinus Canadian Pilsner, Rahr Unmalted Wheat, Weyermann Acidulated


Tettnang, Hallertau Blanc. Dry Hop: Ella, Mosaic




Brett (short for Brettanomyces) has played an important role in beer production throughout history.  Brett is wild yeast and lives comfortably anywhere from fruit skins to breweries.  Pre-industrial revolution, Brett played a major role in beer fermentation.  The progression of modern science created the ability to make technical, sanitary, and controlled beer.  At this time Brett was recognized as hard to control and was considered to give the beer “off flavors”.  Meanwhile, historically made beers such as Lambics have continued to rely on Brett for a large portion of their fermentation and flavors for centuries.  In addition, a beer such as Orval has used Brett as secondary yeast to bottle condition its beer, which creates a extra layer of complexity and flavor.  In new American Craft brewing, brewers are experimenting with Brett and exploring new flavors in beer. 

pFriem Bretta III is a 100% Brett fermentation. We began by finding ten of the most sought after and unique Brettanomyces strains on the planet, and conducting a trial. We inoculated each of the ten into its own 5-gallon vessel of wort, and then tasted each one monthly for one year. The results were fascinating, and taught us a great deal. With the Bretta series we continue to experiment, using a unique strain, or blend of strains, from our original trial to brew intriguing, effervescent, boundary-bending beers. Bretta III incorporates OYL-202 a strain of Brettanomyces Bruxellensis known for its funky fruit-forward freshness. We then dry hopped our little monster with big, bright and punchy Mosaic and Ella.  Finally, we conditioned in the package with Champagne yeast. The result is a playful, spritzy little fun drop.

Tasting Notes

Pours an inviting, luminescent straw under a stubborn merengue of white foam. Spirited scents of guava, honeydew, kiwi and earth leap forth. Ripe banana, mango and white pepper lift through the finish into a playful and effervescent curiosity.   

Food Pairings

Cheese is a natural pairing with Brett forward beers- light to funky, creamy to hard, and fresh to aged can meld well with the wild flavors of Brett.  Earthy foods such as mushrooms can play well the dynamic and earthy flavors of the beer.  Spicy, Asian-inspired cuisine will meld well the spice of the beer. Look to fresh, piquant, fruit-forward dishes like papaya salad to pair particularly well with Bretta III.