Pfriem Select

Pair your favorite dish with a pFriem Select Beer.

Keep a few bottles of pFriem Select in your fridge and complement your next home-cooked boeuf bourguignon (or fish tacos) with the perfect brewed pairing. Subtly complex, elegant and satisfying; these beers can make any meal sing or help you wind down the night once the meal’s over.

Please note that not all beers shown are available for purchase year round. 

Belgian Christmas Ale
ABV:8.0% IBU: 30
Belgian Stout
ABV:11% IBU: 40
Belgian Strong Blonde
ABV:7.5% IBU: 30

Annual Draft
Semi-Annual Bottle

Belgian Strong Dark
ABV:10% IBU: 38

Annual Draft
Semi-Annual Bottle

Black Saison
ABV:7.0% IBU: 34
Brett Beersel Pale
ABV:6.9% IBU: 30
Brett IPA
ABV:6.6% IBU: 35
Double IPA
ABV:9.0% IBU: 90
ABV:4.5% IBU: 10
Hoppy Belgian Ale
ABV:6.7% IBU: 40
Kumquat Farmhouse Ale
ABV:4.9% IBU: 24
Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale
ABV:6.2% IBU: 29
Little Saison
ABV:4.5% IBU: 24
Pumpkin Bier
ABV:6.9% IBU: 15
ABV:6.5% IBU: 32
Super Saison
ABV:9.5% IBU: 38