Pfriem Select

Pair your favorite dish with a pFriem Select Beer.

Keep a few bottles of pFriem Select in your fridge and complement your next home-cooked boeuf bourguignon (or fish tacos) with the perfect brewed pairing. Subtly complex, elegant and satisfying; these beers can make any meal sing or help you wind down the night once the meal’s over.

Black Saison
ABV:7.0% IBU: 34
Brett IPA
ABV:6.6% IBU: 35
Brett Trois Pale
ABV:6.9% IBU: 30
Brett Wit
ABV:5.6% IBU: 18
ABV:6.5 IBU: 25
Pumpkin Bier
ABV:6.9% IBU: 15
ABV:4.5% IBU: 10
Belgian Christmas Ale
ABV:8.0% IBU: 30
Little Saison
ABV:4.5% IBU: 24
Super Saison
ABV:9.5% IBU: 38
Belgian Stout
ABV:11% IBU: 40
ABV:9.5% IBU: 38
ABV:6.5% IBU: 32
Belgian Strong Blonde
ABV:7.5% IBU: 30

Annual Draft
Semi-Annual Bottle

Belgian Strong Dark
ABV:10% IBU: 38

Annual Draft
Semi-Annual Bottle

Kumquat Farmhouse Ale
ABV:4.9% IBU: 24