Wild yeasts may be historically important to brewing, but they’re also very hard to tame. Fortunately, pFriem loves a challenge. Our Bretta is fully domesticated with amazing aromas like pineapple, peach, flavors of orange zest and fennel and a tangy finish that will have you surrendering to another one in no time. 

ABV 6.5

IBU 25


Pineapple, Fennel, Tangy





Gambrinus Canadian Pilsner, Weyermann Wheat, Acidulated




Belgian Ale


Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois Vrai and Brettanomyces Bruxellensis


Brett (short for Brettanomyces) has played an important role in beer production throughout history. Brett is wild yeast and lives comfortably on fruit skins. Pre-industrial revolution Brett played a major role in beer fermentation. The progression of modern science created the ability to make technical, sanitary, and controlled beer and through these innovations it was recognized that Brett was hard to control and was considered to give the beer “off flavors”. Meanwhile, historically made beers such as Lambics have continued to rely on Brett for a large portion of their fermentation and flavors. In addition, a beer such as Orval has used Brett as a secondary yeast to bottle condition its beer, which creates a extra layer of complexity and flavor. In new American Craft brewing, brewers are experimenting with Brett and exploring new flavors in beer to add intricacy. 

pFriem Bretta is 100% Brett fermented; the beer is fermented with two different wild yeast stains- Trois and Brux. This slow fermentation creates wild flavors of pineapple, funk, and Fennel. The beer is then fermented in kegs and bottles with the same two wild yeast strains. 

Tasting Notes

Bright white foam on top of hazy straw colored body. Aromas of pineapple, peach, and earth. Flavors of orange zest, fennel, lemon rind, and funk. Slightly bitter and tangy finish.

Food Pairings

Cheese is a natural pairing with Brett forward beers- light to funky, creamy to hard, and fresh to aged can meld well with the wild flavors of Brett. Earthy foods such as mushrooms can play well with the dynamic and earthy flavors of the beer. Spicy food such as Asian cuisine will pair well with the spice of the beer.


2017 - 94 Points -