Tips to Create a Craft Beer Filled Thanksgiving

We get it, Thanksgiving Day planning can be chaotic. And with so many choices, deciding on what beer to provide with the long-awaited feast can add to the holiday headache. That’s why we are offering our tips to help you create a Craft Beer Thanksgiving experience your guests will be impressed by!

Plan for diversity

The Thanksgiving meal tradition is built on the foundation of variety and the gathering of a diverse group of people. Your beer offerings should be no different! Think about the delightfully diverse cuisine your guests’ palates will experience throughout the day and then consider offering a sampling of beer styles folks can choose from.

“We normally eat dinner on Thanksgiving in the late afternoon or early evening,” explains Josh Pfriem, Co-Founder/Brewmaster. “As guests and family members arrive, we greet them with a pFriem Pilsner to get their palates going as they enjoy a spread of cheeses, charcuterie, and smoked salmon. We then open multiple bottles so folks can pair different beers with all the food variety. Some of our favorites for the bottle share are Belgian Strong Blonde, Flanders Blonde, Frambozen, and more Pilsner of course.”

For dinner, we suggest you stick to a couple complex beers that can handle all the flavors that are filling everyone’s plates. We recommend beers such as Belgian Strong Dark, Oud Bruin, and Pumpkin Bier.

At last, we cannot forget the bounty of dessert that often times receives its own dedicated table. Bellies will be full, but your strong-willed guests will appreciate a beverage to help them ease a slice or two of pie down. Open robust bottles of Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Porter - these beers will finish the night strong and joyous.

Get creative – add beer into your recipes!

Take your feast up a level and consider adding beers to traditional thanksgiving recipes.

“One thing that I do always look forward to is my Mom’s oyster dressing with an Oatmeal Stout. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory. The roasted malts in the stout cuts the fat of the meal while the mild carbonation level keeps the palate refreshed.” - Bryan Cardwell, Brewery Production Manager.

“One of our favorites over the years is doing a hearty brine with pFriem’s Belgian Strong Dark 24 hours before we bake the turkey. This creates a rich, moist, decadent bird. Every year we are amazed at how well the beer takes the turkey to the next level!” – Josh Pfriem.

Need a little inspiration? Check out some recipes here.

Pick the perfect glass

If you want to really impress your guests, bring out the proper glassware. Your beer pairing experience is enhanced when you can optimize all the senses. This includes the temperature and aroma which is affected by what glass you decide to use. Take a look at your beer selection and head over to to identify the types of glasses you might want on hand.

A Toast of Gratitude

If you don’t do this already, consider a Toast of Gratitude tradition.

“Thanksgiving is far and away my favorite holiday,” reflects Head Brewer, Gavin Lord. “Our family's tradition is that after the meal, each person around the table, (including my twelve nieces and nephews), gives a toast sharing that for which they are especially grateful.”

At the end of the day whether you’re pairing or cooking with beer, don’t forget what beer ultimately does best and that is bringing people together. Op uw gezondheid!

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