EPISODE 1 - Breaking Ground


We're expanding! Join us as we take you along on our journey to construct a new secondary production and warehousing facility in Cascade Locks to make room for significant capacity expansion at the Hood River headquarters.

The two facilities will work in tandem. In Hood River, pFriem will continue to brew all of its beer, and ferment and package all of its non-barrel aged beers. In Cascade Locks, the brewery will age and package all of its barrel aged beers. Cascade Locks will also be the company’s main logistics hub, and will warehouse all of its raw materials and finished beer. There will be no public Tasting Room, however, the new facility will have an area for VIP related activities.

In our first episode, see how pFriem has maxed out the current brewery in Hood River and get a behind the scenes look at the new Cascade Locks location. Comment below and let us know what you'd like us to show you in future behind the scenes episodes!

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