Tropical IPA

Can a single beer take you around the world? Find out with our pFriem Tropical IPA. The Norwegian kveik yeast strain dates back to the Vikings, and it infuses this refresher with a tidal wave of citrus flavors: aromas of lime, papaya and lychee with notes of stone fruit nectar. Fill your passport -- and your glass -- and be transported!

ABV 6.7%

IBU 30


White Grape, Papaya, Kiwi





Gambrinus Canadian Pilsner, Rahr raw white wheat, Flaked Oats, Malted Spelt


Chinook, Citra, Nelson, El Dorado


Loki Kveik


In the Nordic lands of warriors, farmers, seafarers, and conquerors beer has always been the sustenance of the people. Much attention has been brought to the farmhouse yeast strains of Belgium, but what about the rest of the world?

In Norway there survives a farmhouse brewing history that goes back as far as the Vikings. Thanks to the recent discovery of the Norwegian farmhouse strains considered kviek, by Lars Garshol, we have been inspired by the Hornindal kveik strain along with its production of stone fruit aromas and flavors to complement the citrusy hops of an IPA.

Our intention with Tropical IPA was to take advantage of this tremendously unique yeast strain to showcase this incredibly expressive hop combo. Fermented at over 100°F, this yeast produces hugely tropical esters reminiscent of papaya and kiwi, paired with Nelson Sauvin, Citra and El Dorado, and you’re left with a cornucopia of tropical flavors and aromas. Originally brewed for the famous Holiday Ale Festival in Portland, Or., this quaffable beauty is a welcomed respite for the palate from the delightful clutches of Barrel-aged madness. As advertised, this one will transport you from Pioneer Courthouse square to La Plaza de la Revolucion!    

Tasting Notes

Pours a luminescent lemon-lime with a pillowy, snow-white mousse. Aromas of white grape, lime, papaya and lychee precede a sparkling, soft stone fruit nectar with a twist of citrus. The finish is a delicate sparkle of melon balls, pineapple and tangelo. 

Food Pairings

Norway IPA pairs well with Norwegian Kjøttkaker, Norwegian potato Lefse, Norwegian Labscouse and Fiskekaker. Klipdfisk med sellerirotog potetmos, Brun lapskaus and Torskesuppe. Rømmegrøt, Ovnsbakt, and Gravlax. Scål!