Sour IPA

pFriem Sour IPA is kettle-soured for 20 hours and set to ferment, before getting two heavy doses of fresh, dry hops. We could tell you the result was a hoppy and refreshing beer with multiple layers of citrusy fruits, light acid and little to no bitterness, but why not taste it for yourself?

ABV 5.0%

IBU 15


Clementine, White Grape, Star Fruit


Summer Seasonal



Rahr 2-row, Caramalt, Carafoam, Acidulated Malt


Equinox, Hallertau Blanc


American Ale BACTERIA | Mixed Lactobacilli


Mixed Lactobacilli


Over the last decade, the classic IPA style has been subjected to a thorough Americanization, predominately through an ever-increasing hoppiness and bitterness. Today, American brewers have re-introduced an age old technique to throw another delicious spin on Indian Pale Ale. Kettle-souring, a rapid technique for developing acidity into beer, has allowed IPA to explore a whole new dimension. Originally, kettle souring was method first practiced to provide tartness to the traditional berlinerweisses of Germany. While still considered a major contaminant and beer spoiler, lactobacilli are being embraced by brewers today through its contribution of tasty acidity that pairs well with fruity and tropical hops. The addition of lactic acid via bacteria brings out a different character of the hops and even plays a role in protecting their freshness.

pFriem Sour IPA takes a hop forward American beer and adds a zing of acidity to brighten hop flavors and increase its drinkability. This beer is kettle-soured for 20 hours with a mix of Lactobacilli to develop acidity and then fermented with our American Ale Yeast. After fermentation, this beer receives two heavy doses of fresh dry hops featuring Equinox and Hallertau Blanc. The beer is hoppy and refreshing with multiple layers of citrusy fruits, light acid and little to no bitterness. 

Tasting Notes

Hazy gold in color with a soft lacy head. Aromas of clementine peel, pineapple, and ripe berries. Lemon-like tartness, star fruit, white grapes, kiwi, and strawberries. Finishes tangy and prickly on the palate.

Food Pairings

Try pairing rich, fatty and lipid-heavy foods alongside a hoppy sour beer to accentuate the acidity of the beer while also cutting the fat from the dish. Fatty meats like beef and duck that are cooked in rich buttery sauces could serve as a nice pairing. Salty foods additionally will benefit from the acidic twinge of this beer. Cured meats and salted fish are two great food examples that may work most excellent with this beer.