Kettle Soured Mango Berliner Weisse

We like the word ‘quaffable.’ If you like it too, try pFriem Kettle Soured Mango Berliner Weisse, our modern interpretation of the traditional German Ale. Mango is hardly a traditional ingredient, but when it results in tart and creamy aromas and light notes of juicy round mango that finish fruity and prickly, we see no reason not to experiment! Quaff one and see!

ABV 3.5%



Tart, Round, Mango





Gambrinus Canadian Pilsner, Weyerman Wheat Malt




American Ale






American craft Brewers have recently popularized a fourth method of acidification known as Kettle Souring. In this process, the kettle is filled as normal, but rather than immediately boiling the wort, it is instead cooled to 110°F. Next, the wort is inoculated with a pure culture of Lactobacillus and left to acidify overnight. When the target pH and titratable acidity are reached, the brewer brings the kettle to a boil, denaturing the Lactobacillus, and sterilizing the wort. From this point, the brewer can proceed as with any other beer, the only difference being that the resulting beverage is pleasantly tart. This is the process by which pFriem achieves the Kettle Soured Mango Berliner Weisse.

It may be said that pFriem Kettle Soured Mango Berliner Weisse is a modern American interpretation of a traditional German Ale. We begin with a malt bill of 50% barley and 50% wheat, build upon it with a light snappy acidity and very little hops, and target the quenching ABV of 3.5%. While the process of a kettle sour may have appeared foreign to a German Brewer 400 years ago, she may have immediately recognized the familiar lemony pop of lactic acid. And while Mango is hardly a traditional ingredient, bartenders and brewers alike have added sweet syrups of raspberry and woodruff to Berliner weisse for centuries, so perhaps there too we may find common ground. In any case, we can all agree - it’s freaking delicious.

Tasting Notes

Hazy yellow with an orange hue. Fresh cut mango, accompanied by tart and creamy aromas. Light flavors of juicy round mango. Finishes fruity, prickly, and very quaffable.