Extra Pale

Fruity scents of melon and pineapple, and the juicy essence of strawberry and gooseberry make pFriem Extra Pale Ale taste great, but it’s the big hoppy aroma and full flavor that makes it ‘Extra.’

ABV 6.5%

IBU 45


Melon, Berry, Piney


Fall Seasonal



Rahr Alix Pale, Simpsons Cara Malt, Simpsons Crystal Dark


Citra, Mosaic, Strata, Chinook


American Ale


The English Pale Ale has been a long lasting and inspirational style for brewers; it gave birth to the IPA that is loved by many. But with everything, the Pale Ale has evolved over the years. The idea of a Pale Ale was changed in 1979 when Ken Grossman launched Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and redefined what a pale ale was, using American Cascade hop to create the iconic Sierra Nevada Pale. Since that day, Sierra Nevada Pale has been a principle example of the American pale for brewers. This style continues to evolve with new American brewing and hop technics.

pFriem’s Extra Pale Ale is a stronger version of the classic Pale Ale style. This beer has more alcohol, hop flavor, hop aroma than a Pale Ale, but not as much as an American IPA. New American hop varietals make this beer very fruit forward, juicy, and round.

Tasting Notes

This strong pale ale is bright golden with an amber hue.  Fruity aromas of melon, pineapple, berry, and current. Fresh and juicy flavors of strawberry and gooseberry. Finishes piney and slightly tangy.

Food Pairings

Mexican food, sweet and sour flavors found in thai and vietnamese cuisine. White fish such as halibut, rock cod, and dungeness crab. Fruit dishes such as chutney can play off the fruitiness of the beer.


2018 - #78 - Top 100 Beers of 2018 - The Beer Connoisseur

2018 - 93 Points - The Beer Connoisseur