Cognac Barrel Aged Belgian Style Dark

Our Cognac Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Ale is so elegant, that its aromas of dried dates and brown sugar and notes of toffee, ripe plum and spice may make you feel more dignified with each sip.

ABV 10%

IBU 38


Elegant, Dried Dates, Cognac, Cherry





Gambrinus Canadian Pilsner, Carafa III


Tettnang, Perle, Styrian Golding Celeia


Belgian Ale


Belgian Dark Candi Sugar


Cognac barrels


The Trappist brewing tradition dates back to the mid 6th century where monks would brew and sell beer to support their Monastic way of life and give to their community. This tradition has carried on for centuries and still lives in Belgium. The Belgian Trappist brewers are known for brewing a light beer, a mediumstrength darker beer, a light colored strong beer, and a strong dark beer. The Belgian Strong Dark is a rich, complex, slightly sweet, and a fruit forward beer. This beer is brewed with a pilsner malt base, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, and highly aromatic yeast. The Dark Candi Sugar is made from caramelized beet juice; the flavors from the sugar and the fermentation give these beers their unique and wonderful flavors. These beers are normally bottled and go through a secondary fermentation; this gives it a high level of carbonation and complexity. Other breweries in Belgium brew this style of beer under “Abbey style”, but only true Trappist breweries are allowed to put the official “Authentic Trappist Product” brand on their beer. Both Abbey and Trappist Belgian Strong Darks are powerful and complex beers that highlight flavors of ripe fruit, chocolate, and figs.

We then take this fruity and strong beer and age it for one year in barrels that previously housed high quality Cognac. These Cognac barrels contained wonderfully distilled wine made from Ugni blanc. The result is an alluring beer that is elegant, fruity, and showcases warm spiced characters.

Tasting Notes

Deep dark mahogany brown with a ruby hue. Elegant aromas of Cognac, dried dates, and brown sugar. Robust flavors of toffee, ripe plum, Sherry, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Bright finish with a touch of warm cherries.

Food Pairings

Gamy red meats, ox tail, and lamb. Goose, squab, wood pigeon and duck, especially braised duck leg, and duck confit. Steak, braised short ribs, beef stew such as carbonnade flamande. Foie gras, sweetbreads, rich sauces, rabbit stew with prunes. Sausages, especially those made of venison, wild boar, or lamb.