Some say the origin of this ale is shrouded in a dark mystery. Others say its origin can be traced back to the Cascadia region, where it was named. We say stop reading already and enjoy this hoppy brew with its tanned marshmallow-like foam top, while the aroma of fresh-cut Douglas fir and delicate scent of toffee dance below the surface. After all, some mysteries are best left unknown, while others are left to be drunk.

ABV 7.5%

IBU 70


Douglas Fir, Roasty, Black Currants





Rahr Pale, Thomas Fawcett Pale Chocolate, Bob’s Red Mill Oats, Simpson’s Black


Chinook, Mosaic, Sabro, Citra, El Dorado


American Ale


CDA is a new style in the beer world. There is much controversy of where its original inception was created, but most give credit to the Cascadian Region. Outside of the Northwest, most people call it a Black IPA, the American Brewers Guild calls it an American Black Ale, but most in the Northwest proudly call it a CDA. The beer itself is a balanced, hoppy, dark ale. Not as roasty or thick as a stout, but much more complex than an IPA. 

Tasting Notes

Tanned marshmallow foam on top of a black body with hints of amber. Aromas of fresh cut Douglas Fir dance with bright citrus. Rich roastiness wraps its way around black currants with hints of toffee. The beer finishes deep and complex as the roast and the hops meld over the tongue.

Food Pairings

Charred meats, spicy food, burgers, pan-fried oysters, and cured meats.


2017 - 93 Points -