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Tasting Room Manager

Hood River, OR

Required Duties
  • Meet in weekly meetings with GM, AGM and shift leads to discuss strategies for improvement, daily operations, and logistical development.
  • Competently handle the mechanical tasks of the GM and AGM in their absence
  • Assist in ordering supplies for the FOH
  • Uphold and demonstrate the core values we discuss and set forward
  • Be a leader and set the example on the floor
  • Be available to work, that is not taking excessive days off
  • Follow manager procedures as they are described
  • Provide schedule coverage for the managerial team
  • Be accountable for handling customer service issues
  • Enforce cleaning, side work, and discounting/comping policies
  • Support your fellow managers by discussing conflicts of opinion in management meetings and in professional settings
Benefits and Privileges
  • 2 weeks of paid vacation
  • Bonus structure, Health Insurance Credit, Beer Account, 401(k)
  • 100% comped meal on closing shifts
  • Ability to use beer account to purchase kegs

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