Golden Coffee Pale

Fruit forward, Kenyan coffee brewed and roasted by Coava Coffee, and aromatic, hops create a perfect harmony in pFriem’s Golden Coffee Pale—Rich nutty flavors combined with citrus and stone fruit make for a quaffable, bright treat for both coffee and beer lovers alike!

ABV 6.0%

IBU 30


Cherry Chutney, Tropical, Nutty, Citrus





Rahr Pale, Golden Naked Oats


Equinox, Motueka


American Ale


Kimama, Kenya- Washed


In new world Craft Brewing, adding coffee to beer has become a trend in recent time. Most often stouts, porters, and other dark styles of beers are infused with coffee, and even more popular is to have Imperial versions of these beers. The idea has been to play off the roasty and powerful notes of each beverage.

pFriem has taken a different approach and collaborated with our friends at Coava Coffee. Coava is known for using beautiful, fruit forward, and bright beans. We decided to compliment these flavors by making a golden beer with fruity and citrus hops to compliment the coffee flavors. The result is a very drinkable, bright, aromatic beer that combines these wonderful flavors.

Story of this coffee bean:

Found in the Cheptais district, the producers of Kimama Farmers Cooperative meticulously pick only ripe coffee cherry and meet some of the highest standards for processing. This commitment to excellence results in an incredibly complex and clean coffee. It is always a privilege for us to offer such outstanding coffees from Kenya because they stand apart from all other coffee growing regions. Kimamaisno exception.

Kimama yields flavor notes of raspberry lemonade, papaya, and blood orange.

About the coffee farmer:

"Mr. David Mburu bootstrapped himself through school and became an attorney before eventually returning home to run his family’s coffee farm. He has full control over his milling, fermentation, washing, and drying, which allows him the freedom to make adjustments when needed, as he constantly seeks to improve the quality of his already stellar coffee. Our relationship with Mr. David Mburu is unique, as it is difficult to build partnerships with individual producers in Kenya. What is even more exciting is Coava is working with Mr. David Mburu to separate out specific areas of his farm based on environmental, processing, and varietal criteria. This will allow us to target and separate out the best cherries the farm has to offer." - Coava Coffee

Tasting Notes

Slightly off-white foam on top of a golden bronze body. Aromas of mango and papaya combined with roasted almonds with cherry chutney. Rich nutty flavors married with citrus and stone fruit. Aromatic hops and bright coffee notes dance together in harmony finishing with a tantalizing experience.

Food Pairings

Mexican food- enchiladas, cocoa mole, and fish tacos. Fresh and light cheeses such as Fromage Blanc. Beignets, plain cake donuts, bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. Savory and fatty offerings such as pork and duck rillettes, and Pate.